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Hostya.ca will guide you through the hosting process – helping  you determine what hosting solution is the best fit for you, both in the present and going forward.  Frequently asked questions:

What kinds of software do you offer?

What kinds of software do you offer?

The latest versions of cPanel, CentOS Linux, Windows Server 2008, Word Press, WHM, Fantastico, AWStats, Webalizer, and many, many more.

How much bandwidth am I allowed?

HostYa.ca offers huge data transfer allowances with all of our web hosting plans.

Even if you are going to a run a high traffic website we have a solution for you. Since all web hosting plans come with high bandwidth allowances you can host almost any kind of website with HostYa.ca. You can rest easy knowing your site will not be taken down for using excessive bandwidth usage. (See Terms of Service.)

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

Read over our hosting plans and pick one that fits your needs by clicking the link to sign up


give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you decide what hosting plan best fits your businesses requirements. The end result being a web hosting solution that’s best suited for you and your business. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Do you handle website design, maintenance, & print marketing too?

No, unfortunately we do not. But we have business partners that do.

Even better – HostYa.ca works closely with ADG Canada. A proven, Canadian based web design firm that is expert in all things related to website aesthetics and maintenance.

Our clients’ print marketing needs are handled by Barrie’s own Print Workz

How quick is account setup?

How quick is account setup?

We’ll have your new account up and running within 24 hours.

When am I billed?

When am I billed?

Billing is due prior to each month’s scheduled service. Paying by cheque is subject to different terms. Contact us to find out more.

What’s your backup policy?

How often are backups performed?

All accounts are backed-up once a week on a random day; the exact time varies.

We suggest you do not rely on our weekly backups to keep a copy of your website safe. It is your responsibility for saving your own content and keeping your own backups; Hostya does not guarantee backups and should only be used in emergencies.

If you wish to arrange regulary backups with us as you cannot, please do so by emailing support.

Note: there are additional fees for this service. HostYa makes no guarantee about our weekly backups. All backups require a $20 fee to be restored.

What are my payment options?

What are my payment options?

HostYa.ca accepts cheque (account not setup until cashed) PayPal,  or credit card payments. Contact us to see if other options may be available.

Accounts are re-billed monthly by credit card or 6-12 months in advance if paying by cheque.

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