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Now More Payment Options

HostYa.ca offers you more payment plans and options than ever before.

Newly Added Web Hosting Plans

With more web hosting options, our clients are able to choose a package that's fits their situation perfectly.

Reliable Network Infrastructure

Our facilities are unrivaled! High security, 24 attendance, and backup generators ensure that HostYa.ca retains the title of most reliable web host in all of Canada.

HostYa.ca Moves Into Barrie, ON

With our newly located data centre in Barrie, ON! We're looking forward to becoming a major addition to the local economy and the community. If other cities could only be this lucky! :)

HostYa.ca Teams With PrintWorkz.ca

HostYa.ca partners with PrintWorkz.ca in 2011 to provide professional printing services to the Greater Toronto Area.

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